Patio circle, 2.5 meters large. all our slabs are made perfectly with fibres added for extra durability. We get a kick out of showing. (It's why we blog.) We get a straight bigger kick when you share our work, so please feel free Pin us, Like us, or even to use a graphic or two. We just ask that you credit our work and link back to This (sorta) Old… Read More

The Division of Environment, Community and MUNICIPALITY (DoECLG) has published the Water Services (Amendment) Function 2012 to modify wastewater discharges from all homes that are not connected to the general public sewer network. Onsite Wastewater Removal , R. J. Perkins; Quoting from Amazon: This practical e book, co-published with the National E… Read More

All conventional septic systems have a septic tank, which is usually a huge buried rectangular or cylindrical pot made of cement, fiberglass or polyethylene. Wastewater from all plumbing fixtures drains in to the septic container. Heavy solids settle to the bottom where bacterial action produces digested sludge and gases. Lighter solids that float … Read More

Denver-based High Concrete Group LLC has been given a deal from Boonton, N.J.-structured Phelps Engineering Group for insulated architectural precast panels for the new Statue of Liberty Museum on Liberty Island in NY Harbor. Notice: When pumping out a septic tank like this, great care must be studied and it is suggested that a local EHO should be … Read More

Customers can buy precast concrete septic tanks at Shea Concrete Products, American Cement Sectors and Monarch Products, by 2015. Users can also search the Internet for local companies offering these services. One problem in the precast cement industry is well-timed delivery because of the nature of the product. Allegiant Precast is dedicated to ma… Read More